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"We believe our role is one of enabler, investing where we can most make a difference, where we see potential for creative excellence, or where we can be a supportive catalyst for change and innovation. We focus on three priority areas only:

  • Expanding education and learning and boosting audience choice.

  • Supporting the future success of British film.

  • Unlocking our film heritage."

"Whether you have been screening films in your community for many years, or are just thinking about setting up, Cinema For All can support you along every step of your journey." 

"Apart from going to the pub, there is little to do in Newhaven on a Saturday night. Now on the third Saturday of the month there will be a chance to be entertained, enlightened and amused by a wide variety of mainstream, independent and foreign films."

"BFI Neighbourhood Cinema supports people in launching and sustaining community cinemas: regular film screenings in spaces such as community centres, village halls, or even local pubs."


Cinema Saltdean is sincerely grateful for the generous support from the lovely people at The Deans Magazine

"A not-for-profit community cinema, run entirely by volunteers, bringing you the best of world, art house, contemporary and selected recent film releases."

Cinema Saltdean owes a massive debt of gratitude to Richer Sounds, for its generous support and outstanding technical help given to us by its jolly nice people

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